Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend With Honey and Papa

(This picture was taken a while ago.. but I failed to remember to leave my camera with my mom and dad)

This year, instead of having a traditional Disciple Now, where our students stay in people's homes in the church, we went on a retreat to Falls Creek. I asked my parents if they would watch Jackson, so that I could go and spend time with the girls, without being distracted with a baby. They agreed, which I really really appreciated! Jackson had a great time!

Friday night, they took Jackson to the Edmond Arts Festival. Since, Jacksons new found skill of walking, he is not SUPER interested in riding in his car or his stroller. So, he wanted out of the car that Mom and Dad had him in. He wanted to walk. Which was fine, except he wanted to stand at the doors of all the downtown businesses and look inside, which was a bit dangerous. He got to see his first rock climbing wall, which he would touch and clap, and expect other people to clap for him (like we do), and the ladies standing around did not participate. Needless to say, they didnt stay at the Arts Festival for too long.

Saturday, they took him to the zoo. It was his first time at the zoo. They had him in his stroller like all the other boys and girls, but of course, he wanted to be walking like the big kids. So my parents let him walk. It had rained that morning, so the concrete was wet. If my parents tried to hold his hand to help him (like when walking down a hill), he would sit down until they let go of his hand and then he would get back up and walk. Mr. Independent. He could care less about the animals, he was more interested in walking, growling and clapping for himself. At the bird cage, he instinctively knew to grab a hold of the fencing and pull himself up on the ledge. So he pulled himself up and let himself down several times... NEVER noticing the bird.

Jacksons favorite toy is his basketballs at our house. Mom and Dad have a real sized basketball that Jackson would bend down and pick up and carry around the house. He is strong.

He said "thank you".. much like "hey baby". He said it and then looked up real quick, shocked that he said it and hoping that mom and dad didnt hear. Silly boy. I think one day he is just going to talk in complete sentences with everything that he already knows how to say, but chooses NOT too.

Raley really warmed up to Jackson on this trip. I am kind of wondering if he is more comfortable with him now that he is moving like we do. (Walking instead of crawling)

But I think Jackson's most favorite thing to do this past weekend was snuggle with his Honey and Papa before and after nap time!!!

Thanks Honey and Papa for letting Jackson stay with you! We love you!


Julie said...

i love hearing about how much jackson is growing and changing!