Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

What a BLESSED day, I had today!

My parents came over Saturday night and spent the night so that they didnt have to drive early for church on Sunday. We loved having them over.

Craig got up early and made us all breakfast.. what a treat!!!Jackson (Craig) had bought me three red roses and then at church the kids gave their moms more flowers! It made quite the pretty arrangement! Craig and I also decided that for our mothers/fathers day gift, we would get a zoo pass for our family! It is the perfect gift. :)After church, Mom, Dad, and Jan (Craig's mom) came over and had lunch with us! It was alot of fun!

After they left, Craig let me take a nap (2 whole hours!!), before we had to head back up to church for the evening.This baby boy is SUCH a blessing. Having the opportunity to be his mommy is the best gift! I love you Jackson Ward!