Monday, February 15, 2010

Jackson's One Year Pictures

Jackson's Aunt Reese came over on Saturday with Uncle Ward and took Jackson's one year pictures. What a blessing it has been to our family that she has been able to take all of his milestone pictures his first year! She does a great job, and captures his sweet personality! Here are some of my favorites, believe me, it was hard for me to choose!
Craig and his brothers sat in this chair at their grandparents house, and his mom has recently given it to us.He loves his chair that our Aunt Judy gave him for Christmas! Doesnt he look like such a big boy in this picture!?
Look at those EYES!I love how he is so happy!!!
He was dancing! :)
We took a picture similar to this when he was 6 months old! He sure has grown!

I can NOT believe my baby boy is turning ONE!


Erin said...

LOVE his big blue eyes!!

Julie said...

they are all really great! he is sooo cute! :)

The McClures said...

they are SO Cute!!!!

The Austins said...

She does a great job! And, she has an adorable subject to work with!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

He is so cute! I can't believe how big he is getting. So glad I found your blog. Hopefully you will be at the family reunion next time. Laura is getting married in April. Squeeze that baby for me.