Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jacksons First Haircut by a Professional! :)

You may remember this picture. Mom cut Jackson's hair the very first time. She did a great job with the orange handled regular scissors. But since we are fixing to celebrate Jackson's first birthday (with a party and pictures), I thought we needed to get his hair cut again. We decided to go to someone who gets paid to cut hair. :) And owns real haircutting scissors.
He sat in the chair all by himself! Just like a big boy!!
He loved when she squirted his hair with water. Please notice the adorableness all over his face! He was such a big boy, letting Stephanie cut the top of his hair! (Remember, he had a mohawk when he was born, so that hair grows fast).After a little bit, he did get a BIT frustrated, so I had to take a seat to hold him, while she finished the back and sides.
But in the end, we were ALL smiles again! Jackson loves Stephanie! She did a great job on his first real big boy hair cut!

(Notice his finger, he points at EVERYTHING these days! Super cute!)


Julie said...

Too fun! Love the overalls! :)