Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowklahoma 2010

This is our second big winter storm of the season. This time, I was REALLY looking forward to being iced in with my family. Unlike Christmas, we did not have to be anywhere. Well, Craig was supposed to go to Tulsa for a Disciple Now, but we figured that would get rescheduled. The weathermen tend to overeact here in Oklahoma.. but after that Christmas blizzard, we were not taking any chances. We stocked up on bottle water, ingredients to cook, and then of course, if we lost power, food we could eat without cooking. We bought a flashlight, and had our blankets ready. The weathermen said it could be "catastrophic".

Thursday, the ice started. We got a couple inches of ice in Newcastle. Our lights flickered several times, so I kept the heater warmer than I normally would. Craig was in HEAVEN. After giving Jackson a bath, we filled the guest bathtub up with water, just in case we needed it to flush the toilets if the power went out. Luckily, we did not lose power, several of our friends did.. so we felt blessed to stay warm!

Friday, it snowed ALOT. I went out yesterday and measured in a non drift, and we got nine inches of snow!
We took Jackson out, when it was actually snowing this time. He was not QUITE sure what was going on. In fact, I dont think he loved it. At all. We will try next time!

Even though our house and yard is ice/snow covered, we are staying all nice, warm and snuggly inside!


Julie said...

I have loved being snowed in with my family!! What a difference a month makes!! I thought your survival skills were great! I never thought about filling the bathtub!

The pic of Jackson is so adorable!

KH said...

Jackson looks too cute in the snow! He looks totally perplexed by the cold "white stuff." He's soo cute!!

Dara Steward said...

I love his expression sitting in the snow! Even though we haven't been able to play much in it, it sure is pretty to look at!

I got Jackson a birthday present today - some thing Evan has loved for a long time... getting close to his very first birthday! We are looking forward to celebrating with you!