Monday, January 25, 2010

Sick Baby

Jackson is SICK. He is so miserable. It is even different than when he was "throw up" sick over Christmas.

He has had a cough the past week or so. Well Saturday night, it started getting even more deep. We had to get up with him several times that night, so I researched coughs, and Craig and I decided it was best to keep him home from church.. in case he had something contagious. Well when he woke up Sunday morning, his eyes and nose were running and it was hard for him to contain his cough. By Sunday night he had a slight fever.. and I am pretty sure he did not sleep a consecutive half hour all last night. When we took his temp this morning, his fever was higher.. he felt like he was BURNING up.

He has played alittle bit, has eaten well, but mainly just wants to snuggle and sleep. I dont mind the snuggling. He is such a busy little boy, I dont get my snuggle time very often. But I sure do wish he felt better.
Look at those eyes.. poor baby boy!!

But even though he feels horrible, he sure WANTs to feel good. I love him.


alyssa said...

Bless his heart!!! I hope your little man starts feeling better soon!

HG said...

Oh! Those eyes! Break my heart! I hope he feels better soon!

(He IS the happiest baby ever... even a grin when he's sickly!)

Erin said...

Poor thing! I hope he gets back to feeling better soon!!!

Dara Steward said...

Poor guy! He will be back to better soon! Enjoy the snuggles.