Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Sooo.. I was totally expecting to have to either "forget" to write a blog today, or be creative with what I blogged about. I just knew that I had gained weight since we had been in Baton Rouge for several days this week. Not that my Aunt Judy was trying to sabatoge my diet at all... but I just did not have as much control over what I ate as I would at my own home. BUT... with that said. I lost 2 pounds this past week. YAY! Definitely not Biggest Loser numbers, but still its a negative. YAY.

But, I do want to share what I was going to share to get out of saying that I gained weight.. HA!

My friend, Jamie, is back from South Africa for a short period before she starts her new adventure with Mercy Ships. Seriously, this girl is adventurous. I am proud of her! BUT, her sister, Julie, Jamie and I had dinner last night and watched the Bachelorette from Monday night. Side note.. there are some CREEPS this season. But anyway, Jamie brought dessert. And it was yummy. She called them her "healthy brownies". Ok, this is what she did. Its genius! She used an 8x8 pan of brownie mix. And 6 ounces of diet coke. And baked it. Thats it. No eggs, no oil... just diet coke. DELICIOUS! Try it!


The McClures said...

Good job Dan!! It's not a fun task, I am proud of you!

I have tried those brownies... they are pretty good! Not making me drool like your entry from yesterday though :)

the woolseys said...

you can do the same thing with cake mixes! chocolate cake use diet coke or diet dr pepper and with white cake use fresca or diet sprite! :) and put cool whip lite on top! mmmm

Julie said...

ha! i think it's funny that you liked them. i have done it with the cake and it's pretty good, but i wasn't a fan of the healthy brownies. :)

Jamie said...

I have done the cake mix and diet coke several times, but this was my first with the brownies and I agree they were pretty tasty for "healthy" brownies. It was great seeing you!

Anonymous said...
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