Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip to Louisiana

Jackson went on his first airplane ride! Mom, Jackson and I went to Louisiana to visit our family down there. My cousin, Elizabeth graduated high school and will be headed to Baylor in the fall! We went down the week after graduation to visit! I was REALLY worried about how Jackson would do on the plane. I think I am a pretty laid back mom. But Jackson is a really good baby, so he makes it pretty easy to be laid back. However, he is a baby, so sometimes he does cry. :) And I know not EVERYONE loves my baby. So I stress out when we are in public and he starts to cry, that we are really bothering people. I was concerned that he would cry on the plane and people would just hate us. :) Well, he did WONDERFUL. He would get all his crying out at the gate, so that everyone was dreading to get on the plane.. and praying that we were not on their flight... but as soon as we would get on the plane.. he was OUT. He slept the entire flight.. all flights. He is such a good baby. I love him.
Jackson LOVED meeting his cousins! They were so sweet to him. He just could not get enough of them. He would just look at them and smile! Seriously, the baby was smiling CONSTANTLY! I just really wish Baton Rouge was not so far away, so that they could be more a part of Jackson's life!
Andrew and Stovall took a break from their soapy slip in slide experience to feed Jackson. Jackson would have loved to be out there with them... if only he was a bit bigger. :)
We watched ALOT of baseball while we were down there. LSU (ugh) was playing in the regionals (I think getting ready for the college world series). Macey Claire picked out Jackson's outfit.. .she said "he is going to look so cute." Of course, I agree! By the way, Andrew would make the BEST babysitter! Jackson could not spend enough time with him!By far, Jackson's biggest Louisiana fan is Macey Claire! She was so excited to meet him! She had made him a rattle out of a small plastic sprite bottle. She put beans and buttons in it. And even taped the top shut so he couldnt open it. :) She got to pieces of felt that she said was his blanket and his pillow. And drew a picture of a paci on a piece of paper and taped five sheets together, so that he could color it and not tear the paper. She was VERY VERY thoughtful! Jackson loved her. I think he is going to love pretty girls. She even spent the night with us the first night, so she could spend more time with Jackson.

We had a really great time!

Funny story after we left. My cousin, Jodi (Macey Claire's mom), broke her hand watering flowers (thats not the funny part). So, my Aunt Judy and Macey Claire were taking Jodi back to the doctor after her surgery and they were all talking about the family. Macey Claire was saying something about everyone in the family and said "Well, we have one REALLY REALLY famous person in our family". My Aunt Judy and Jodi were thinking Macey Claire was going to be referring to my Uncle Jerry (her Pappa). (For those of you who dont know, he was the runner up for the Heisman, played pro football and was the Head LSU football coach for years.. so especially in Lousisiana, he is "famous"). So, they asked her who... and she said "Jackson". How cute is that. I dont know what makes her think he is famous. But, in my world he is pretty famous. :)


Emily & Eli said...

Danielle, He is just precious. And you look great, too!