Monday, April 20, 2009

Thanks for the gift.. but...

Craig is at a Youth Ministers Retreat today and tonight, so Jackson and I came to my parents house. I still dont feel 100% confident in staying by myself with Jackson at night. I am sure that I COULD do it, but with my parents so close.. why not come for a visit? Right?

So, I am bringing Jackson up to my parents front door and I see a package. And I see its for Jackson from a lady in our old church in Hot Springs. It was from the lady, you might remember, that when we told the church that we were moving to Newcastle, she made a point to come up to me to ask if us moving was more "Gods doing or mine".... Ever since then, I have felt really negatively towards her. So as soon as I saw it was from her, I, first felt bad that we had sent all these birth announcements to friends and church members that meant alot to Craig while he was there, but not to her. So I called Craig and told him. He couldnt believe it either. He told me God was getting me back for having such negative feelings towards her.

So, I open the gift. It was a cute outfit. I read the card..and really could not even believe it.. it said
Dear Danielle and Craig

I just know Jackson would be happier each Sunday morning going to church at First Baptist Hot Springs, but I guess he might as well learn now that he cant have everything his own way.

REALLY? Did you need to send a present to get another jab at me? Thanks for the outfit.. Jackson will wear it.. but we really didnt need it.. and my negative feelings continue... UGH.


The Pink Potpourri said... well, welcome to the life in the ministry :)

Marisa said...

What in the what? That's uncalled for. Send her a thank you note on an Oklahoma postcard :)

Matt and Shara said...

Oooh yes, I like the Oklahoma postcard idea from Marisa!