Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sweet Faces of Jackson

Aunt Stacy made Jackson a super cute shirt! He wore it today, and he was in such a good mood and so awake when we got dressed this morning, that I thought I would take a few pictures so that Stacy could see him in it!

During our little "photo shoot", Jackson decided to let me see alot of his most precious faces!!
His sweet little grin! This is normally followed by some type of "talking"This is his big smile. I think that one day this will be followed by his laugh. Oh I cant wait to hear it!

This is Jackson wondering why in the world I keep taking pictures of him in the same position...
And this is my sweet boy with his serious face... I think he was done taking pictures for the morning. :)


The Firestone's said...

love the shirt! I think he liked it too :)

The McClures said...

oh my goodness, he is looking so much older! And SOOOOOO cute! Love the shirt on him, he makes it look very adorable :)