Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jackson Update!

Well, we had Jacksons 31st (or 32nd) week appointment today. We had his ultrasound to check on his cyst too. What a great day it was!

We checked out his brain first and no cyst was found! WHAT A RELIEF! Craig and I were so happy. It was absolutely incredible how much our baby boy had grown since his 22nd week appointment at the high risk doctor. All of him could fit on one screen. Now, we could only look at his head and then we would look at his belly, etc. He has the CUTEST little face with adorable little chubby cheeks. I can not wait to kiss those cheeks!

He has gotten more into position to make his grand entrance. His head is down, which makes sense why he was kicking my ribs in church on Sunday. While we were looking at him, he had one foot at my ribs and one foot near his head. He is just so flexible. :) I am telling you... athletic.

The due date today, based on all of his measurements, etc, is February 23rd. Which, as I have said, I believe my February due dates more than my March ones. He is weighing in at 4.2 pounds already. Sweet boy is getting all of his nutrients. :)

Craig and I had the opportunity to talk to our doctor about her philosophies on deliveries. It was really good. We are pretty flexible. We both figure, that we trust my doctor, we think she is wonderful. She delivers babies every day. This is our first one. So we are going to trust her judgement. We will get to see our baby again around week 35, and then we will make further decisions about induction, etc. All of which, will probably be based on his size.

I left this appointment even MORE excited.. as if that was even possible. But, I am telling you, he is looking like a real baby! Our real baby! I can not wait to meet him.

I need to figure out my dad's scanner and I will upload the pictures of our precious son that we got today. Stay tuned!


erinkern said...

Glad the appointment went well--what an answer to your many prayers! :)

The Firestone's said...

Yea!!! That is such great news! He will be here before you know it :)

The Cruzans said...

WONDERFUL News!! Glad things are getting better every appointment! Hope to see you guys soon!

The McClures said...

Such great news! Glad everything looked so good, scan those pictures!!!

Matt and Shara said...

Praise God for such great news! I can't wait to see those beautiful pics (hint, hint)! ;)