Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doctors Appointment

Today was my last doctors appointment in Hot Springs. I will miss Dr. Gordon. She was quality. And pretty. And I would have loved for her to deliver my baby. But I guess there was no gaurantee that she was going to deliver Baby Smith anyway.

If you have been pregnant before, you know when you are going to the doctor only once every four weeks, and you are early in your pregnancy and can not feel your baby move.. you can only hope and pray that your baby is ok. So, to hear our precious baby's heart beat again, sounding as strong as ever today, was extremely reassuring! It was the most beautiful sound! I think today more than ever, hearing that sound, made me realize just how much I have already fallen in love with my baby! I can not imagine what it will be like whenever I am fixing to pop Baby Smith out!

And, Craig rolls his eyes when I say this. And my mom laughed hard. BUT, I really do think that Raley knows that I am pregnant. I mean, he doesnt know the word "pregnant".. but he knows something is going on inside of my body. I mentioned it to Mindy, and she said she has heard that dogs can often times hear the baby's heart beat when they snuggle up to you. So see, I am not crazy. Raley TOTALLY knows. :)


Matt and Shara said...

I'm still waiting for my baby to kick Dodger while he's laying on me. Won't that be funny?! And yay for hearing the heartbeat again - I know exactly what you mean, too. But before too long you'll be feeling your baby kicks and you'll have that amazing reassurance every day. :)

Anonymous said...

Riley, our mini schnauzer, knew I was pregnant before I did. He had started acting super clingy & sleeping with us all the time. So let the people who don't have a clue laugh. Our fur babies are so much smarter than we'll ever know!
Christy Thompson