Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Baby- 9 Weeks

Our sweet precious baby now:

The vestigial tail at the base of the fetal spinal cord is practically gone by the 9th week. Your baby's head seems out of proportion with the rest of its body. As its muscles start to grow, some initial movements may occur, but you won't be feeling them at this early date.Her digestive system is developing and the anus is being created. Internal reproductive organs start to form this week. These are either the testes, if it's a boy, or ovaries, if it's a girl.

A part of what they say about me:

Your waistline feels a little thicker and tight clothing becomes uncomfortable. You will feel a lot more comfortable with an expanding waistline in your clothing.

Ummmmm. NO JOKE! I love the mornings, because my body feels most normal. But as soon as I start drinking and eating.. I just do not stay normal. For instance.. on Friday, I wore jeans (casual Friday). And they fit JUST fine in the morning. They werent tight or anything. But by the end of the day, I just was counting the minutes that I could either take them off or at least unbutton them. I had red marks all around my stomach. It seriously HURT. Combine that, with that my blood constantly feels like it is boiling inside of me.. I decided that I could not wear my current jeans past 10 am. And since I dont normally like changing clothes in the middle of my work day, and Fridays will always be casual days.. I bought maternity jeans. And I am so excited. Let me just tell you... Hot Springs has not one store that carries maternity clothes. Is that not ridiculous? I mean, Walmart does. And they have a total of three racks of maternity clothes, but for some reason that just does not count for me. Ok, I know Hot Springs is not THAT huge.. but its not THAT small either. And ladies are constantly going to be pregnant. Come on people, lets have some shops that sell clothes for pg people. Craig and I could go into Little Rock to go shopping, but the only day that Craig and I get to spend the whole day together is Saturday, and shopping is not his FAVORITE thing to do.. I am not going to subject him to that. So online shopping it has been for me. I am sure we will eventually have to break down and go shopping in real stores.. but until then, I will just complain. :)

The countdown is on for 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. We get to see our sweet one for the first time (I think).. and definitely get to hear its heart beat! Can NOT wait!


Matt and Shara said...

Oh girl, UNBUTTON THE JEANS!!! By the end of my first trimester, all pants I wore to work had to be worn with a long shirt so I could unbutton them after lunch! :) Have you tried a Bella Band? You can order them online (google it), and they are wonderful for that in-between stage.