Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Cow

Well, I took the last of my prescription today. You know what that means.. it means I have to get back to consistently going to the Fitness Zone. I went on Tuesday, and just walked on the treadmill, did some elliptical, a few weights and back on the treadmill. Of course, this work out session was followed up by some delicious Don Juans with my new favorite Hot Springs friend, Corrie. Yum yum. Wednesday is a no Fitness Zone day, because its just too busy with church. Now, Thursday (thats today) is Punch and Pump. First of all, Amy, the wonderful lady who owns the Fitness Zone with her husband, took Corrie and I to lunch. I have never been so self conscious about what I choose to eat at a meal. Ha!! Maybe I should eat with her more often. Well, at Punch and Pump tonight, she killed me. I mean, I sweated alot. I punched and I pumped and I did alot of ab workouts. I am sore. But it was fun.

Craig and I are going to watch the game tonight. Go Celtics. I mean, I guess I really dont care. But I dont really like Kobe Bryant. He is cocky. He is good. So I guess he can be cocky. But I dont like him. So go Celtics!


Julie said...

I have had the same thoughts too! I don't like Kobe and I'm rooting for the Celtics. But I really don't care. It's just fun to watch with my husband!

The McClures said...

Sounds like a good workout Dan! Nice work