Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Long Overdue- Im an Arkansonian

Thats right. I am no longer a citizen of Oklahoma. I am a citizen of Arkansas. I live in Hot Springs! It is a beautiful city. I live in a super cute house (picture updates soon, I am waiting for our light fixtures to get hung before I post pictures). I live with my super cute husband and my precious puppy Raley. I am enjoying my last week of unemployment. My husband started back to work on Sunday. Sunday, I joined a new church. Danny (a really great guy who works with Craig) prayed with us when I joined. He almost made me cry. Craig works with some really great people. Really genuine! Good people. I digress. We have been so busy getting the house ready. Craig has been such a good helper. The house is really starting to feel like a home. I like it. I have been getting really comfortable driving around Hot Springs (which is a confusing place), trying to figure out how to change my name. Seriously, who knew it could be such a hard process. I think I finally finished the process today! Finally. Come visit us in Hot Springs. Its a fun city. We have extra rooms. And they have YOUR name all over it!


Craig said...

Arkansan. John teased me about my pink shirt.