Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Long Overdue- The Honeymoon!

The Honeymoon= MAUI!

We spent our first night as husband and wife at the Colcord in downtown Oklahoma City. It was a beautiful hotel! And we had a great time. Our plan was to go to dinner.. but we were both so exhausted that we decided to order pizza and eat in our room. It was perfect. We were able to catch up on all the happenings of the day! I loved that time. We got up the next morning and headed to the Oklahoma City airport ready to go to Maui. We were traveling American Airlines and we were blessed that American had figured out all their problems BEFORE our honeymoon. So all of our flights were on time. Because I had been so focused on the wedding, I hadnt put much preparation into the honeymoon, which was fine until we had our 8 hour flight from Dallas to Maui. With no reading materials or music, etc, I was basically dying. They did show movies but they were not to my liking. National Treasure 1 and 2. But not in that order. They showed 2 first. Wierd. Yes. So, I think that I experienced my first case of feeling claustrophopic and having a slight panic attack. Sweet Craig handled it well! But once we got to Maui, all was good!We were leied at the airport. Who knew that those flowers would cause me to break out in a slight rash on my chest. Not me. But they did. And when we got the hotel, we got another one! Looked just the same. When we got up to the hotel room, we had such a breathtaking view.. absolutely amazing. There has got to be something like this in heaven.

The first day in Maui, Craig had it arranged for me to get a massage at the Spa at the hotel. It was absolutely amazing. Whatever that lady did to me, it made me feel like she made me taller. Seriously, it was like she stretched me. But whatever, it was amazing! Then we spent the day by the pool! FABULOUS!Craig got us tickets to a luau at our hotel. It faced the ocean, so you could hear the waves (which I love), and we got to see some really fun hulaing. The hawaiian food was really yummy too. Cant get enough fresh pineapple!
My hubby loves history. Those of you who know me, know that I am quite the history buff also. So we flew from Maui to Oahu one day so that we could see Pearl Harbor! It was really interesting. I did enjoy it! We also saw some of Honolulu and I am just very glad that we did not stay there our entire honeymoon. It was just a big city. Not very vacation like!
Everyone told us to travel the Road to Hana, so we did. This was me at the beginning of the journey. I was so excited! We were in our convertable, we were driving past the beautiful ocean, we saw whales!!! It was a fun morning!
But then the road started to remind me of the road to Falls Creek on the rickety FBC Edmond bus with the bus driver who acted like he forgot there were breaks. ..... but it was WORSE! It was basically a one lane road up a mountain and around curves. You had to honk before you went around curves just to let cars know you were coming. But you would just hear honks coming from all directions. So it wasnt really that helpful. It looked a bit something like this!

There was some pretty stuff along the way, but I dont think that the prettiness was worth the stressoutness that happened along the way. I tried my very hardest to be laid back. But that didnt last long at all!! Our suggestion.. if you go to Maui... skipping out on the Road to Hana is not a bad idea!
Heres another cute one!
We were sad to leave Maui, but excited to get home and be married in the "real" world. One of the first things I did when I got home, was CUT MY HAIR! This picture was taken before going to lunch with Craig's brother, my brother in law and our sister in law!


The McClures said...

LOVE your hair! Can't wait to cut mine... the 23rd is my big day!

This post made me laugh really hard, several times. Highly entertaining Dan!