Tuesday, February 5, 2008


My house SOLD!!! Seriously.. hallelujah! I dont know if you have watched the news lately. But evidently there is a housing crisis. And in the midst of that housing crisis. I need to sell a house. And we found.. or more the perfect buyer found my house. I really dont believe there is any other way to describe it other than that Gods hand was totally and completely in it. And I am thankful. Because Katie Couric told me nightly that there was NO way that I was going to sell my house. Hmmmm.

Now comes the time to pack up the house. I told myself approximately alittle over a year ago, that I would not be packing up all my stuff for a very long time. Ha. Well, clearly I had NO clue that a guy from my past that lives in Arkansas would come and sweep me off my feet. So, I am back to packing. I thought I was real productive last night and packed up all my picture frames and crosses. But, if I am honest, I really just did the easiest thing. Now, I really need to get motivated.

This past weekend, Mom and Dad and I went to Hot Springs. Our middle level of our house is painted and oh so pretty! It feels like a totally different house.. and for that I am thankful! :) Even the kitchen cabinets that we thought would be a tremendous ordeal...were pretty painless. Thanks to that really great small roller brush that we discovered at Sherwin Williams and the painting efforts of Craig and Dad.

The Honey Do Shower was really fun. I am really excited about moving to Hot Springs and being able to be a part of all of these people's lives. They are really fun!! The shower was for Craig, and we got alot of great stuff from Lowes and several gift cards... which you know I love!! I think my favorite gift was the microwave that Craig and I picked out. I wanted a black microwave and we found one that looked pretty at Lowes. We didnt really look at it that closely... but... it has a REMOTE!! I have no idea why.. but I think its funny. And I like it!

After church on Sunday, we went to a Chocolate Fest. It was a fundraiser for a local charity. It was very sweet of Craig to purchase all of us tickets and we were really excited about going! Ok, I am good with crowds... organized crowds that is.... this was mass chaos crowds. At one point, and I do not exagerrate, I thought I could quite possibly fight a more elderly lady. She was RUDE and you know how I deal with that.... (again a weakness of mine that I definitely need to work on, as a youth ministers wife) :) Craig diffused the situation, as my parents acted like they did not know me. After getting away from the mean lady, we tried to find ourselves through the different booths. Seriously, there was some GROSS chocolate. That is coming from Danielle, lover of all chocolate. I had to spit some out in a napkin. I am not kidding. Gross.

Got home in time to watch the last two minutes of the Super Bowl. YAY! Giants!! I mean, I am not really a Giants fan, but I am more of a Giants fan than a Patriots fan. So I was happy!!

Back to work.. and loving it..... ok maybe thats an exaggeration.