Friday, December 7, 2007

This Week

Florist #4=FABULOUS! Loved her. Loved her ideas. Very exciting.

Invitations= Decided upon! They are great! Ashlea did a tremendous job!

Coordinator= I am so thankful that people have been blessed with creative minds. Not me, but other people. Even though, clearly I am a HORRIBLE describer, people with creative thoughts understand what I am saying, and can design a great idea. The meeting went well! Although, evidently something I said, led her to think I was not wanting a "Christian Ceremony". The only thing I can guess is that I use the words, " fun", "happy", and "bright" alot. I think what I should be saying is "non-traditional" "celebration". I think those words might come out better. I'll try it and see! :) Totally my fault, I need to work on my communication. Of course, I want a Christian ceremony. But, its a time of celebration. The Lord has done something really terrific bringing Craig and I into our eachother's lives. And I want to celebrate that!!! I want everyone to have a great time!! I want it to be bright and happy! But absolutely, celebrating the Lord's goodness in all of this!

But the best news of all, she had some pretty fantastic ideas for our not so pretty fellowship hall! We shall see how they can all pan out! But, I left encouraged. And a bit overwhelmed. But encouraged.

Cake Lady #1= Came by this morning, brought me a ginourmous photo album to look at, and a cute little brides cake for tasting. Nice. I made myself look through the album first before marking what I like, and what I dont like. Again, something that I kind of have a picture in my mind what I want, but its most definitely not definite. She seemed really nice and organized. Thats a plus! And she knows almost everyone I know. Small world!

Thank you Cards= still working on them. Have a plan in place. I think.

Ready for the weekend. It should be relaxful. Hoping the ice holds off. Ice scares me.


Natalie said...

It really seems like you know what you want and are really taking charge with this! That's incredible! I hope everything is perfect for you Danielle and that no hardships come your way! I can tell it is going to be beautiful!