Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Engaged! Engaged! ENGAGED!

So, I am pretty excited! Several of you have been asking for the "story". How it happened. I have posted some pictures on facebook and myspace of the events of the day.

But here is the story:

Friday morning I had Julie Day's (now Harris.. wahoo!) bridal luncheon. It was a GREAT time! After the lunch, I met Craig over at my house for a few hours. We just hung out and relaxed. It was great to just be able to be with him. We both knew that we were not going to be able to see much of each other during the weekend because of the wedding. So, we just enjoyed that time. He mentioned to me that we were going to be celebrating our 6 month anniversary when I got home from the rehearsal dinner that night. We dont normally celebrate our "month" anniversaries, so I thought it was really nice. Craig spent some time with his friend Tommy, Friday night. And I spent the evening celebrating Julie and Raymond! We both had a great night! I got home about 10pm on Friday night. We just sat on the couch and talked for alittle bit and then he told me that we were going to take a tour of my house. We started out in my kitchen, where he had a box of waffle mix and a thing of syrup. Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE waffles and make them at any chance that I get. Then we went to the bathroom, where there was a two liter coke zero. Ok, although it might seem EXTREMELY random to you... earlier that day, Craig was in my bathroom and on one of my shelves, there was a cup that had some leftover Coke Zero, but clearly I had it a few days before. Thats why he put the coke in my bathroom "evidently thats where I drink my Coke Zero". We went to my bedroom and there was a bag of Halls Cough Drops. The past couple of weeks, I have had a pretty bad cough and I hadnt bought any cough drops yet. That bothered him. :) Then we went to my dining room, where he had gotten me my "first stereotypical boyfriend gift", chocolates. Yum. Then we went to my guest room where there was a HUGE bouquet of hot pink roses and white flowers. Absolutely beautiful! We went back to my living room and sat back down on the couch, I, half jokingly asked him if he had a question he needed to ask me. He laughed and told me no. He told me that he had been lying to me though, he did have the ring, but was having to get it sized. He said that he was not going to be proposing without the ring. I believe my reaction was something to the fact of "oh, i dont care what it looks like.. ". The next thing I know he was on his knee next to me. I thought he was joking (he had just told me he didnt have the ring and he had gotten on his knee once before in his office), so I told him to shut up, because I thought it was all a joke. Evidently, I said shut up twice more after that. :) But he took off my purple ring and started saying really nice things. I just sat there in disbelief and although I was listening, I couldnt tell you what he said. Except it was nice! :) He pulled the ring box out, and I buried my head in the couch cushions. I came up crying a bit, looked at the ring, said yes, hugged, kissed him and then danced! :) I was just sooooooooo excited!!!

Wedding plans are coming along! Although, I knew that Craig and I were going to get married and I even had so many wedding ideas, now I really have to plan! WIERD! I love it though. We are getting married April 19th at First Baptist Edmond at 2pm. We really hope that everyone can make it!! Its going to be an exciting day!

Mom and I have already reserved the church, the photographer (which I am so excited about!!!), bought the centerpieces, and I am working on asking the girls to be in my wedding. Mom and I have an appointment with an invitation lady on Thursday. And we are all working on our guests lists!!! Its a fun time!!!

Thanks to everyone for their excitement and encouragement during this wonderful time of our lives. Craig and I are just so ready to be with eachother everyday!! Its going to be incredible!!


The McClures said...

This is so exciting Dan! I am really happy for you, and very impressed with the details you already have planned! I think it has only been 5 days so far, you are on top of it!

The Lairds said...

Congrats, Danielle! Stacy told me all about it. I'm so happy for you.