Wednesday, October 3, 2007

this weekend

Its Wednesday. I am thinking about the weekend. Wait, Sunday evening, I was thinking about the following weekend. I guess I am at the point in my life, where I live for the weekends. Not that I dont enjoy what I do. Because I do. Alot. But I like my weekends even more.

This weekend lots of important things are happening. So many in fact, I cant be everywhere and its hard!! Jodi is getting married! YAY! I get to go to Baton Rouge, I have not been there in forever. I havent seen Jodi and the kids for about 2 years. Way too long. I get to meet Bill and his two kids. I am very excited. It will be great!! And whats even better, is my family in Louisiana, who are sooo important to me, get to meet Craig. This makes my heart so happy. He is the greatest thing that has happened to me (next to my salvation, of course), and they finally get to meet him. Yay! Yay! Now, Jodi is getting married at 2pm on Saturday. Do you know what is at 2:30 pm on Saturday.. yes.. thats right OU/Texas. Seriously... really.. wedding on OU/Texas. Who does that? I guess an SEC fan. So, my tradition of going to Dallas with the girls for OU/Texas weekend is having to take the back burner this year. Sad. Sunday is Craig's birthday. 33.... you can round that to 35... and you can round that to 40... wow. :) We will get to spend his birthday in Hot Springs. I cant imagine a place I would rather be on his birthday!! He made my birthday so special, I hope his day is even better!!! Sunday is also a big day in Edmond. My dear friend Julie Day is getting married on November 10th. I cant wait to celebrate that day with her. But this Sunday is her First Baptist Edmond shower. Please.. we have been talking about our First Baptist Edmond showers since we were friends and going to other peoples. They are FANTASTIC! And I have to miss her big day. I will be there in spirit... and thinking about her... and wanting to hear ALL the details as soon as I get back. :) Big weekend. 2 1/2 days off work. Its going to be great!!! I am just so excited!!

Oh, on the work note today.... dealing with one of my temps crazy ex girlfriends. And when I say crazy, that is no exaggeration. Really... I dont need to deal with other people's personal drama at work. Although it makes things interesting. :)


Anonymous said...

OK, so I got a little tear about how we have talked about this shower for forever! It is a big deal, but Nov. 3rd and 10th are even bigger days and you will be there! :) I'm sure you'll get the rundown from both your mom and me!