Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap- Easter!!

I love Easter and what it means in my life.  It is just overwhelming to me, what Jesus did for me on the cross.  I am praying for the day that Jackson and McKinley will come to the true understanding of what Jesus did for them, as well. 

On Saturday, we went over to Honey and Papa's house for their little neighborhood's Easter Egg hunt.  I figured, Jackson would not want to participate, since he is not a big fan of unknown situations with people he does not know.  But I asked him if he wanted to go to an Easter Egg hunt and he said "no".  I have learned that the child means what he says, so he stayed at home with Papa and played, while Honey and I took McKinley down to the park for the hunt.  She had a good time, but was definitely more interested in what was in the eggs versus getting as many eggs as she could.  :) 

After the egg hunt, we went back home, had lunch and took naps.  Well the kids napped, and I did my Saturday chores.  :)  Jackson woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and we had a looooooooong afternoon together.  It was one of those days where neither one of us were on the same page.  Craig picked up dinner from LongHorn Steakhouse, with some gift cards we had. So I didnt have to make dinner, which was a blessing. 

Sunday morning, the kids woke up to see that the Easter Bunny brought them a few goodies.  We dont really (ever) talk about the Easter Bunny.  Although I did threaten on our rough Saturday afternoon- that I was going to call up the Easter Bunny and tell him he didnt need to come see Jackson.  :(  That was followed by the threat to sell some of his toys.  Ugh.  Anyway... the kids liked their goodies.  McKinley got some underwear... meaning, I am fixing to dive into the potty training thing again.  Yay.  :)  We did not get any good pictures before church, because there was some left over whining from Saturday that needed to get out of everyone's systems.  Which thankfully happened before we got to church.  They LOVE going to church.  So thankful for that. 

Jackson was not into posed pictures this year (or ever, if its not his idea).  So, although he was involved in our Easter, no posed pictures of him are currently available.  :)  McKinley loved her new dress- she is so girly and I love it!  Craig and Jackson had matching ties. And I bought a new dress for a wedding in a couple of weeks, so I wore it on Easter... it happened to have the same colors as the ties the boys wore.  :)
Honey and Papa came over after nap time, and we had an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard and played with some Easter goodies that they brought. It was so interested watching Jackson and McKinley hunt together in the back yard.  You could see the differences of their personalities shine through.  Jackson was very thoughtful (slow) in his hunting.  There was zero sense of urgency to get to the eggs.  McKinley on the other hand was going her very fastest to pick up as many as she could.  And if she could not get to them fast enough, she would point to all that she would see.  Very interesting. 

Uncle Ward, Aunt Reese and Baby Merritt all came over for dinner.  Whenever we are all together, I am normally wrangling my kids so I never get to hold her.  So I was able to get some baby Merritt snuggles yesterday and it was wonderful.  She is so super cute!  Jackson and McKinley absolutely adore her.  Jackson thinks she is really funny.  And McKinley couldnt kiss her enough.  I am excited to see the 3 of their friendships over the years. 

We had a really great day!  And a really fantastic Easter.

Super thankful for what Jesus did for me on the cross and even more thankful that He is ALIVE!