Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap- Basketball and Cooking

Another weekend.  My favorite.

Friday night, I tried a new recipe from Pinterest, Lasagna French Bread Pizza.  Craig had put my mom's recipe for Italian Sausage Spaghetti Sauce (without the italian sausage) in the crockpot early that day, so I used that instead of the red sauce that the recipe called for.  I figured the kids would like it.. McKinley liked it more than Jackson.. but Jackson was distracted by his salad.  My kids were exhausted, so after they went to bed- Craig and I watched basketball.  And I tried a pinterest idea for softening your heels.  Craig and I are going to Florida in a few weeks, I need to get my feet, sandal ready.  :)  It called for putting shaving cream on your feet, wrapping your feet in towels that have a mixture of listerine and hot water.  :)  And you let it sit for 30 minutes.  It really did make my feet softer, and I think if you did it a few nights a week, it would have more of a lasting effect.  Craigs thoughts were that I was ridiculous.  :)

College basketball- I used to be way more into it.  But now we have the Thunder.. and OU and OSU havent been the best the past few years.. so I have just gotten out of the habit of watching.  But I do love March Madness.  Craig and I fill out brackets and have our own little family competition.  Its always fun to see the upsets.. even though those upsets totally mess up my bracket normally.
McKinley insists on sitting on the bench like a big girl at meal times now

Got alittle broccoli stuck on her nose. 

Saturday was super dreary and FREEZING.  So we stayed inside all day.  But it was absolutely perfect.  Jackson did not sleep as late as Craig and I would prefer.. and he woke up hungry and asking for pancakes.  I needed to pre make some breakfasts for our week day mornings.  So I took the opportunity to make a triple batch of pancakes.  The kids were happy.  I think the weather made them sleepy and relaxed all day long, because they really did play so well together.  McKinley took 2 2 1/2 hour naps and Jackson took one 3 hour nap.  I even got to sleep a little.  It was so very nice.  I made another new recipe for dinner from Pinterest.  It was alot more involved.. but we really really liked it.  We ended the evening watching basketball and also watching my bracket becoming completely busted.  Thanks Gonzaga.
A self imposed clean up session was more fun when you cheer for yourself after you put a toy in the basket. 

At Honey and Papa's, McKinley likes to sit in the bouncy seat, strapped in... like a baby.

Sunday, my mom helped us out a ton.  McKinley has been super snotty and I think it has contributed to some tummy problems, but I am not for sure.  Regardless, I didnt think she could go to church in that state.  Mom offered to stay home with McKinley, because Craig and I had extended session at church and then he was teaching our Sunday School class.  It was a great day at church.  Then, I clearly used all my nap luck on Saturday, because neither of my children took Sunday naps.  Boo.  Big time.  We had a few no nap break downs, but really overall, Jackson and McKinley played well together.  We had breakfast for dinner, so I could make some more premade breakfasts.  A double batch of waffles.  Im telling you moms, its a little work, but it is so much cheaper to make your own pancakes and waffles and freeze them.. then buying the pre packaged ones.  :)

Guess how we ended our weekend- March Madness.  :)

Another laid back, family filled weekend!