Friday, December 21, 2012

18 Month Appointment- More Referrals

McKinley had her 18 month well visit today at her new pediatrician.  I got a few referrals from friends, all of the doctors were in one practice.  I chose one that my OB recommended to one of my closest friends.

First thing when we walked in the office, the receptionist went CRAZY over McKinley.  She asked if McKinley would come to her... so she took McKinley over the counter and asked if she could "show her off".  While I stood at the front desk, she paraded McKinley around the office.  McKinley loved it.

Then as I was filling out paperwork, McKinley was walking around the lobby.  A little boy, definitely older than her, was leaving with his parents.  He saw McKinley- stopped, sweetly walked over to her- wrapped his arms around her and KISSED her.  His parents just laughed, and I prayed he wasnt sick.

We met the sweet nurse, who measured McKinley- 30 inches (25%).  And weighed her.  19 lbs 6 oz.  I was really shooting for the 20lbs.  Close enough.  :)  Still in the 2%.  And her head is in the 33%.

Dr. Madore came in.  WONDERFUL.  I am a big fan of a doctor, who truly takes the time to get to know her patients.  She asked lots of questions about McKinley's medical history.  She was thoroughly impressed with how her belly looked!  We talked about McKinley's speech, or lack there of.  She was glad that we have pursued Sooner Start to help her.  We know her tube is working, because today, it started draining a bunch of disgusting stuff.. another ear infection.  Thankful for the tube.

Then she started looking in McKinley's mouth.  For a long time.  I could tell she didnt think something was right.  I asked.  Evidently the soft pallet in McKinley's mouth looks abnormal.  She asked me if anyone had mentioned it to me before.. they havent.  She asked if anyone had mentioned clefts.. they havent.  She said that on her right side, it looks abnormal.  The right side is also the side with her underdeveloped ear.  She suggested maybe just in development some things on that side just did not fully develop.  But she would be most comfortable if a pediatric ENT took a look.  So, we will be getting a referral to see another doctor.  :)

Dr. Madore stressed that everything could totally be fine, but she wants to know for sure.  I, completely agree.

I am anxious to get the referral and get an appointment.. I like answers.

So all in all, it was a fine appointment. I am thankful for our new doctor.  I prefer "everythings fine" appointments.  You would think that smallish issues would not both me so much.  We got through our major issue, pretty well.  It just is kind of disheartening.  I keep thinking "she's good".  I keep thinking that we will get to be "normal".. just have regular well and sick visits.  She's such a good baby though, and is such a trooper.  I trust, this will be just fine.  I am thankful we live in a city with such qualified doctors that are able to help her.  This will just be another chapter in McKinley's journey.  :)


Linda Ellis said...

At 18 mos., I wouldn't be TOO concerned about speech. Our first grand was using 12 word sentences at age 2. Our second grand definitely had the "no talking" problem and did do Sooner Start for two years. It helped her tremendously...or she would have gotten it anyway (who can tell?). She was fairly immature and it absolutely helped in that. Trust me, nothing wrong with her speech now. Our 3rd grand got a number of words wrong..pimpess for princess, for ex. and that cured itself in time. The fourth grand, more normal in time of speech but only words and phrases until nearly 3. You hear it but it's hard to believe: There is a wide range of normal development so far as time is concerned.

Emily said...

I'm sorry to hear about new concerns. I'm sure that you are anxious to get answers. It sounds like you have a WONDERFUL dr and dr's office. She is so sweet and cute! PS. That little boy's kiss would make me nervous too! I'd wipe my kid down with sanitizer and be hoping he was just in for a well check-up.

Kendra said...

She is such a cutie pie! I have to say this, You are the mom, trust your intuitions! If you think there is something off with speech or lack-there-of, ask til you get answers. We are on our third doc because our daughter had infant botulism and then major ear issues and has no speech articulation. Doctors refuse to admit there's a problem because it's too easy to blame it on her being the fourth kid. She tested 47% delayed through SoonerStart. It's sort of a touchy subject with our family.
How wonderful that your new doc is so thorough, that's truly awesome!! McKinley is such a blessed baby girl, blessings to your family.