Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July!

 We had a good 4th of July at our house this year!  It is the anniversary of the 1st FULL day that we got to spend as a family of 4.  McKinley has sure changed in the past year! 
 We had plans to go to Edmond to an event our church had planned in the morning, but Jackson was up all night with a cough. And although I didnt think he was "sick", I wasnt sure that an afternoon out in the Oklahoma wind would help matters.  So we stuck around the house.  McKinley and I played outside for alittle bit in the morning, before the heat really hit...and while Daddy was cooking breakfast.  McKinley loves to be outside and loves to put everything possible in her mouth.  :)

 As I mentioned, Jackson wasnt feeling 100%  but he still obliged and put on his patriotic shirt.  But he put his foot down, when I mentioned brushing his hair.  :)
 But there's not much that Daddy's biscuits and gravy can't make better.  Sweet sweet boy! 
We played alot yesterday inside!  Jackson LOVES music.  So of course, in order to practice guitar best, you need to be naked and wearing your bike helmet.  And the china cabinet is the best place to make sure to check out your reflection!  He seriously makes us laugh!

Craig grilled some DELICIOUS steaks for dinner and we put the kids to bed at their regular times.  Because there is not a burn ban (for the first time in YEARS), there were TONS of fireworks around our house.  Jackson and McKinley both woke up, so we watched for a while.  Jackson liked them.. but would rather be running around like a mad man.  :) But McKinley LOVED them.. she would point and then throw her hands up in the air, laugh and clap.  It was precious!

It took a while for everyone to settle down and go to bed!  It was a nice day- just the 4 of us.  :)


Missy said...

Caleb watched them with no emotion. He can be so serious sometimes, lol.