Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012 was a GREAT day!

Craig and I both had the day off from work, which was so great!  With Craig's new job (which we LOVE!), our days off arent the same.  So although, it stinks sometimes, we are so so so thankful for this new opportunity.  SO, we definitely enjoyed being a family of four ALL DAY LONG.

He's a pretty cute kid!
The kids were so excited that they decided to start the day at 6:30 am.  YAY.  :)  I got up and made us waffles.  And then we set up the pools in the back yard, got the kids in swimsuits and had so much fun!  We have always had inflatable pools each summer, but since Craig works on Saturdays, I wanted pool set up to be the easiest possible for me.. so we bought plastic pool(s) this year.  Story on that... I went to Walmart and bought their most expensive plastic pool ($34), and when the guy went to put it in my van, it wouldnt fit.  Jackson was already buckled in, I was not about to get him back out to go get a refund, so the guy gave us 2 of the middle size pool ($16).  Well, when we got home, he gave us THREE.  We called, they told us to just keep it.  So we have 3 plastic pools.  We are keeping 2 at our house and leaving one at my parents.  So I think we have our fill of plastic pools now.
McKinley's first swim

McKinley's Aunt Amy gave her the MOST ADORABLE swimsuit when she was born for this summer.  I never looked at the size, I just assumed it would fit.  Well its a bit big, like most everything in her closet.. but we will make it work, because it is just too cute not too!  Little babies in bikinis are just too cute.. and hers shows off her VERY expensive belly button.. so it works perfect.  :)

Daddy had such a GREAT idea to put his pool under his slide
Jackson just had the greatest time!  We eventually had to go inside because he was shivering.  He was not happy to have to go inside.

Everyone (the kids) took great naps.  I worked on some of McKinley's birthday party stuff, and then went and bought some sweet potato plants to plant in our mailbox at Lowes.

Jackson wanted to help "water" the new plants.  With his bike helmet on of course
McKinley was watching her daddy fill the mailbox with some new soil.
these ugly prickly evergreens HAD to go

This is one of the rare moments she is ok with the exersaucer
After everyone woke up, Jackson rode his bike while McKinley played in her exersaucer on the front porch and Craig finished digging up all the ugly ever green plants in our front flower bed.  We ended back in the backyard to play in the pools a bit more.
Jackson refuses to wear his helmet the correct way.  If he does, he says he's "stuck"

Finally, Craig grilled AMAZING fajitas for dinner.

We went to bed EXHAUSTED... but with a full heart.  I am thankful for my little family of 4.


Erin said...

What a fun weekend! Love the cute swimsuit. :)