Monday, April 23, 2012

McKinley Beth- 10 Months

Sweet baby girl is 10 months old. I am really in the swing of planning her first birthday party. It has been surprisingly emotional for me. I am not a super emotional mom, in that when my kids hit milestones, I really dont cry or get emotional.. I feel like its an exciting thing. However, I feel like there was SO much uncertainty surrounding McKinley's birth... getting to her 1st Birthday is an answer to prayer. Seriously.

McKinley has really been struggling much of the month with allergies.. poor girl. The year she was born, we had a RIDICULOUS summer and then basically zero winter.. so nothing died. She is getting to experience Oklahoma allergies in all its glory this first time around. She still only has her 2 bottom teeth.. and I swear the top one is wanting to peak through. It will get swollen and she will be really fussy to the point where, I swear when she wakes up in the morning it will be poking through. But it hasnt happened yet. I guess that tooth is playing games with us, and making her miserable all at the same time.

She has figured out how to CRAWL! Its so exciting for her. I mean, really crawl.. like get up on all fours and move. Jackson didnt really get this motion down for a long time.. he was mobile, but it was more of a belly crawl. Even though she has this new form of mobility, she is not satisfied. AT ALL. The girl wants to walk. And I really believe that she honestly thinks she can do it. She gets so worked up and so frustrated if she is not standing and is not moving in the direction of her brother. As I have mentioned before, she gets this look of determination.. with her lips pursed and her eyebrows furrowed. Its adorable. And as my mom pointed out, this is a personality trait that I prayed for specifically.

She is still wearing size 2 diapers and is for the most part in 6 months clothes. Of course, 6 month pants do not fit her in the waist at all, but its nothing a safety pin can't handle.

She is sleeping completely unswaddled, and is doing really well. I love to go in when she is asleep and look at her sweetness. She loves to sleep on her side and clasp her hands up by her face. Melt my heart.

She LOVES to eat solids. She is eating 3 times a day now, normally yogurt mixed with some rice cereal in the morning, some type of fruit around lunch, and then a veggie/meat combo for dinner. I am still making all of her food, I just love it!

We are still having issues with her skin, although it is getting so much better. We just have to keep it super super moisturized. Our main issue now, is her scalp. According to her doctor, its because her hair is so long?

We love our sweet McKinley Beth. What a blessing she is in our lives!


Leslie said...

She is so beautiful and perfect Dan. What a blessing!