Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I know that everyone thinks their children are funny. And sometimes the only people who really agree are the grandparents. :) Well, Craig and I are no different. We think Jackson is hysterical. He makes up laugh. all. the. time.

Last night, Craig and I were back in our room watching the Thunder game.. they were blowing out Detroit, so I had already turned off the lights and started to think about falling asleep, knowing that it was my night to feed McKinley. Well, Jackson, who had been in bed, although not sleeping was cracking himself up in his room.. so I thought I would go in there and lay with him a bit and see if that would help him calm down and fall asleep. It did not. So I left, and I guess I didnt pull his door all the way.

The next thing we know- Jackson is in our room saying "momma... what are YOU DOING?" And then he sees that we are watching the basketball game. He sits up in our bed and this is what we got. He yelled, he growled, he danced.. we laughed.

Sorry its dark- but at least you can hear his sheer excitement!

We love our little guy and his enthusiasm for everything. :)


mgoff said...

he definitely needs to go to a game!!!