Monday, August 22, 2011

Our TWO Month Old

How can it be possible that our sweet McKinley Beth is already TWO months old!??!?!

It has flown by! Yesterday (her real 2 month birthday), I celebrated by shopping and volunteering at the local Just Between Friends sale.. and purchased McKinley and Jackson, quite possibly a few too many CUTE outfits. However, they were all such good deals and as I mentioned before, CUTE! that I just couldnt pass them up!

Today, the day AFTER her 2 month birthday, baby girl celebrated by getting shots. :( Boo. The first part of the appointment was great. We found out baby girl weighs 8 lbs 3 oz. Which doesnt sound like much to me, and it really isnt, considering she is in the 1st percentile.. meaning 99% of babies her age are bigger than her. But considering she started out alittle bit bigger than 5 lbs, she is doing well. Her doctors arent concerned about her weight. She is 21 1/2 inches long, which is in the 21st percentile. So overall, she is pretty tiny. And PERFECT.

Then came the dreaded shots. I remember vividly, the first time Jackson got his shots at 2 months.. he didnt even respond to the first shot. The second and third, made him cry but as soon as I was able to pick him up, he was totally fine. Well, McKinley has proven herself as a BIT more dramatic.. so I wondered how it would pan out.

Needless to say, it was a different experience than Jackson. The first shot, McKinley was immediately ticked. She started screaming and got beat red. By the second shot, she had her silent screaming going on, which is when she is getting REALLY mad. And the third shot, she was shaking her head back and forth. I quickly picked her up as soon as I could.. she quit crying for a bit.. but then for added drama and effect, the second round of tears started. She did not want her paci, but I was able to coax her back into the car seat with a little bit of a bottle. Overall, she did well. :)

After eating when we got back home, she has been sleeping peacefully.

Its been a big day for our baby girl. We are so thankful for these wonderful 2 months with McKinley!


mgoff said...

Yea for healthy McKinley! So happy for you guys, but still a little upset I didn't get to hold her Sat night! We need another playdate!