Saturday, June 25, 2011

McKinley Beth: Day 5

Guest Documentarian: Tired daddy who is home with his wife but zero of his children. It is weird to say "children" when referring to his family. Wow.
Reason for Guest Documentarian: Wife let us eat Bueno for dinner. I owe her at least this. Plus she cannot take a bath.

McKinley is resting easy. She has had some issues with her PICC lines. These are a sort of IV that runs through a major vein and is advanced into larger veins. It allows for nutrition to get to where it needs to go for an extended period of time. Plus for the bigger draws, they can pull blood out too. Sadly, for her blood sugar checks they still have to prick some already pricked heels.

But they finally got a THIRD PICC line to run centrally instead of peripherally. Thank God. They have pulled out the two PICCs in her arms that were only peripherally placed and have one through her leg that is spot on.

Her bowels haven't woken up yet and we need that to happen in the next few days so that they can start some feedings with clear liquids to make sure she isn't throwing stuff back up and is passing it all on through before we start with momma's milk. Momma has been pumping for a few days and we are getting good results.

McKinley is resting peacefully thanks to a morphine drip and a Tylenol suppository. Danielle was released earlier today and we are home ready to sleep on something more comfortable than a surfboard. Tomorrow I get to pick up Jackson and play and he will come home with Daddy. Mommy still cannot drive because she is all whacked out on percocet.

If you are the praying type, pray that McKinley's pain is managed and that she has a bowel movement very soon.


Dara Steward said...

So glad you guys are home... sad with you that it's not with McKinley and Jackson. Sounds like great progress for her though! You guys are doing so great, and have been amazing for your daughter! She couldn't have asked for more loving parents.

I have 7 frozen meat/meals for you whenever you are rested enough to answer the door and throw them in the freezer! :o)

Christy said...

Praying for the best rest you've had in days, that it would restore not just your bodies, but your souls too. Who knew 5 years ago that we'd be so excited or pray so much for poop? :) It's a wonderful thing for mommies & daddies! :)

Leslie said...

Thanks for taking the time to update! So thankful to hear that you have an opportunity for rest. Praying for healing and comfort for McKinley, along with a nice big blowout! :)

Mary Beagles said...

Praying for you, Danielle and Craig. My arms ache for you knowing that empty feeling of missing your baby so. Prayers also going up for McKinley that God will give complete healing for her and everything would work out just perfect.