Monday, April 11, 2011

Terrible Twos?

Not much about this cute little guy is "terrible". In fact, I consider him, pretty much perfect. :)

However, he has started doing something that is soooooo not cute and definitely not perfect. And maybe even alittle "terrible".

Fits. Crazy fits. I love that he is independent. And I love that he is opinionated. However, if it is time to take off our shoes for the day, there is ZERO reason to hit our shoes OVER AND OVER AND OVER just to make a point. He also likes to BANG HIS HEAD on the floor (or anything for that matter) when he is mad. Can you say dangerous!!!!!

For instance, yesterday, he refused to take a nap, so by 4 pm, he was EXHAUSTED. He climbed up on the couch, wrapped his arms around Craig and feel fast asleep on his chest. That. NEVER. happens. This child, although dead tired, will push through it, a bit crankily, but will NOT give up. Of course, it was precious and Craig loved the snuggle time.. but it was 4 pm.. we did not want it to ruin his bedtime. We let him sleep alittle over 30 minutes and then we woke him up. You would have thought the world was ending. We gave him his sippy cup, to which, he threw it across the room. He then proceeded to run across the room, and threw himself on the ground, and began to hit his head on the floor. I stopped him (of course), so he got up and went to the couch, and very slowly hit his head against the couch cushion (I guess to see how bad it would hurt), when he decided it wouldnt, he proceeded to bang his head against the couch cushion. Again, I stopped him. WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES HE LEARN THIS?!?!

We have GOT to get this under control. Not only could he seriously hurt himself, it is definitely not the best anger management tool.


But I sure do love him! :)


mgoff said...

I think "head banging/bashing" is a fairly common response in children, you should ask your pediatrician what they recommend! Seriously scary I am sure!

Kendra said...

The head banging, at least among my 4 kids, has been common. Mine would throw themselves back abruptly or softly, depending on the surface. I would stop it and they eventually grew out of it, when I put them in timeout.