Friday, February 25, 2011


I could NOT make this week up.

Let me share.

Sunday night, Craig leaves for his Super Summer Exec Staff Retreat. He had to be there early for a board meeting.

Monday- Happy Birthday Jackson! Mom comes to play with Jackson so that I can go to the Just Between Friends sale and try to find Jackson some summer clothes. Which, newsflash, boys clothes do not get cuter with age. Ugh. I was also able to find McKinley some sweet gowns for her time in the NICU. Mom and I do some picking up of my house, since my once a month house cleaner helper was coming later that afternoon. Mom left. I started preparing a new recipe for dinner that night. Jackson and I are both coughing alot at this point. (This next part of the story, I am not really sure how to even sound lady like, so I probably wont.. WARNING!). As I am coughing. I send Craig a text message while he is at his retreat "Want to hear something gross" Next text I say "everytime I cough, alittle pee squirts out". He is grossed out. Well.. then I realize that maybe it wasnt just pee (see this is gross). It just seemed like alot! I was afraid that maybe my water had broken and it was a slow leak.. thats how it was with Jackson. I waited an hour and I still thought it was happening. I called my mom, she agreed I should call my doctor. My doctor agreed I should get to the hospital. Rachel and Hannah get to our house to clean and hang out with Jackson. I kind of explain to them what is happening. I decide when I get to the hospital that I should text Craig (I was having an internal arguement, I knew he would freak out and worry.. and I didnt want to worry him if in fact, I was just peeing on myself). I finally decided to text him because I was afraid he would find out from someone other than myself that I was at the hospital. Mom meets me at the hospital, my sweet sister in law stops by Mercy on the way home from work to be with us. They put me on the monitor to see if I was contracting. And then they did the paper trick. It was in fact, not amniotic fluid. Thank goodness. Craig said that he was never more happy to know that I was just peeing on myself. Evidently the combo of where McKinley is hanging out and the fact that I was coughing so hard was a bit too much for my bladder. So gross, I know. But it happened.

Tuesday- Jackson's cough is not better. My cough is not better. I feel way more achey. I take Jackson to the doctor. I find out he has bronchitis. He gets shots. I have to wait until Craig gets back from the Super Summer retreat to be able to go to the doctor myself. I just have a virus, and since I am pregnant, I can only take a few things. However, I did find out my pulse is high. What does that mean? I still do not know. My blood pressure is perfect. My pulse is high. Strange.

Wednesday- Jackson and I start recovering. We both are ready for routine.

Thursday- Jackson goes to school. I go to work. When I leave work, I notice that my left foot is kind of hurting. I pick up Jackson from school. I go home. My foot continues to hurt alittle more. By 5 pm, I can no longer walk on my foot. WHAT IN THE WORLD? I can not for the life of me figure out when I possibly hurt my foot. I am in so much pain, I started to get so nauseous. At 9:30, I decided I had to go figure out what was wrong with me. Our lifesaver, Rachel, came over to sit at our house to make sure Jackson was ok. And Craig took me to the ER. They ask me if I want to ride in a wheelchair. I told them no, I didnt want to be too dramatic. I am telling you, I was trying to be so strong. We turned the corner and our sweet friend, from church, Jorge was there. Let me tell you, when you are in such pain, and you see a friend is going to be your doctor, it is such a comforting feeling. They took x-rays of my foot. Luckily nothing is broken.. I have severe tendenitis in my foot with a possible stress fracture. I am supposed to stay off it for a few days and have a super stylish shoe to wear for 7. He gave me a prescription for loritab.. which last night we were thinking we would fill since the pain was so intense. But after waking up this morning, I think I can just stick with tylenol.

Friday- Craig has been such a great nurse. He brings me ice for my feet. And water. And food. And he is playing with Jackson so I can rest and do some work from home.

Now, let me give you some background. We are not a family that goes to the doctor. Since Craig and I have been married, Craig has not been to the doctor AT ALL. I have been to the doctor twice in the 2 1/2 years that we have lived here (other than OB appointments). Jackson mainly goes to the doctor for well visits, with a couple of sick visits in there.

And then THIS week... we were at the doctor almost every day. That is CRAZY. I am telling you, I can NOT make this stuff up.

The past 2 months have been crazy. The wreck, McKinley's diagnosis, my childhood pastors tragic death, and then this week... I think God is telling me to rest. And he has now made it impossible for me not to.



af85d212-4131-11e0-b077-000bcdcb5194 said...

This made me laugh a little I have to say. WARNING child number 2 pretty much wrecks your bladder! I am now almost 19 months past giving birth and I still sneeze, cough, laugh and startle pee! It sucks! I had to wear a light days pad while preggo with Izzy from about 25 weeks on! The things we go through as women! Men have no idea.

Andi said...

Okay, so I puked nonstop both pregnancies. My kids were only 17 months apart and after I became pregnant with Mindy I learned that it takes the uterine wall 2 whole years to reach it's previous tone. Well, every time I puked, I peed myself. Unless I was hyper aware of the puking about to come, and then I'd pre-pee so as not to wet my pants...Every morning I'd wake up and puke. Only there was no time to pre-pee, so I would keep a towel on the back of the toilet so I wouldn't pee all over our carpeted bathroom floor. I didn't tell Brent what the towel was for, so he kept putting it up. I finally had to confess that I REALLY needed that towel there...AND he was pretty horrified.

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

oh my gosh Dan, that is CRAZY!!!!! Holy cow... get better soon!!!
Oh, and side note. Be sure to get plenty of little outfits that snap for McKinley, they work really well too for life in the NICU :)