Monday, September 6, 2010

Make Over Monday- Patio Table


This table has been used many places.. but now it is on my back patio. It had a glass top when my parents purchased it and used it as their breakfast room table. But then mom got the idea from a local restaurant in Edmond to cover the top with fabric and then vinyl, so it can be wiped down easily. I used this table as my kitchen table, ever since I moved out. Well, when mom found our FREE fabulous dining table, this became our outside table. I wanted to make it more fun for the patio.

I had read on several blogs, how people loved Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint. I thought the color was PERFECT for a patio table. I LOVE it.

I knew I wanted some yellows and reds, but wasnt sure what I wanted. I looked at Hobby Lobby and could not find anything, but found the cutest fabric on Etsy! Its so bright and fun!! We are ready for fall, so we can enjoy our new patio dining table without sweating to death. :)


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, you are at it again! I love that color blue. Keep up the inspiring Make Over Mondays please : )

mckenziegordon said...

Really cute! I'm in the market for some fabric for some new curtains, what was the etsy store you bought your fabric from? I hadn't thought of looking there for fabric, even though I bought practically everything baby from that site.

MKS said...

Too cute!