Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Sweet Spirit

I observed the SWEETEST thing today. Jackson received this seahorse from his FBC Newcastle shower. I thought it was somewhat cheesy.. but Craig LOVED it. L.O.V.E.D it. He would show it to anyone who would come over to see our new house before Jackson got it. Its stomach lights up, plays music and also has a water sound. Very peaceful. Well from the very beginning it was a part of Jackson's bed time routine.

A year later, it is still a part of his night time routine. When Jackson wakes up in the middle of the night, he will press the seahorses belly to sing him back to sleep instead of crying.

Well when he was waking up from his nap today, I heard him waking up, so I just peaked in his door. He was laying his head on his snuggly blanket and had his arm around his seahorse hugging it. He then sat up, found his paci and tried to give his seahorse his paci. At this point, I was tearing up. How thoughtful.. I mean, really, Jackson tries to share his paci with me and Craig (people he loves), and he was trying to share it with his seahorse.. his bed time friend. I LOVE it. He then saw me. So he stood up with one arm raised for me to pick him up, because the other arm was still holding his seahorse. (He has NEVER done this before). I picked him up, he laid the seahorse on my chest and then he laid his head on his seahorse. The three of us snuggled for a while.

It was just such a sweet moment. Jackson is just too wonderful for words.


Alena said...

This is SO sweet. I want Miller to have a seahorse. :)