Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jackson's First Easter Egg Hunt

Jackson got to experience his first Easter Egg hunt today. He got to hunt Easter Eggs with all of his friends from school. Jackson is at a point where he is not walking. I think he is pretty capable of it, but he is just not wanting to do it yet. So, he was going to have to crawl on the grass to "hunt" the eggs. He wanted NOTHING to do with that. So instead.. I went and picked up his 13 eggs and put them in front of him, so he could put them in his basket. He liked that idea MUCH better.

Then we took family pictures in the approximately 45 mile per hour wind. (and I am not being exaggeratory, unfortunately). And then Jackson experienced his first ever picnic. He did SO great. He sat on the blanket and ate his chicken casserole (leftover and cold.. hey.. he likes it!), oranges and then of course alittle bit of his daddy's sandwich too. And then maybe alittle bit of grass for dessert! :)