Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ringing In 2010

By looking at 2009! What a year it was!!!

JanuaryWe moved into our new house in an ice storm! And got ready for Jackson's arrival by celebrating with our church family and our friends at two different showers!

Jackson was born!!! What an incredible life changing experience! Next to our wedding day, this was the most FUN day of my life!

MarchJackson got to experience his first OU sporting event (on TV). They were playing basketball!

We had such a special Easter with our baby boy!

Craig and I's first wedding anniversary was in April, but with a newborn, we couldnt break away to celebrate until May. It was our first time to leave Jackson overnight. Thanks to my parents, Craig and I were able to enjoy a fabulous Melting Pot dinner and we stayed at a hotel, where we had the luxury of sleeping through the night!!
And I got to experience my first Mothers Day as a real mommy! It was so special. Even though the pastor that preached at our church didnt even preach about moms. I was ticked.

We took a trip to Louisiana so that Jackson could meet all of his Louisiana family! Not only did he get to meet everyone, which was so special! He got to take his first airplane ride! He did awesome!
And Craig got to celebrate his first Fathers Day as a real daddy!!!

We went to Falls Creek with our youth!!

Jackson turned 6 months old! How time flies!

Football season started in Newcastle! Jackson went to his first Newcastle Racers game!!

OctoberWe took a road trip to Houston so that Jackson could meet his Great Grandma. It was such a special time for all of us!

Jackson got dedicated!
And Jackson hosted his first annual Halloween Party at our house!

Jackson celebrated his first Thanksgiving, by being an Indian at his school Thanksgiving dinner! We also celebrated in Dallas with my family! And in OKC with Craig's side of the family!

DecemberJackson met Santa and had the most wonderful first Christmas with all of our family!

And not only was his first Christmas white, he got to experience his first blizzard!

I am thankful for 2009! And looking forward to many wonderful things in 2010!


The Austins said...

What a special year! Jackson is so cute! It is so fun to keep up with your blog.

KillerB said...

What an adorable post! Looks like you and your family had a wonderful year, Danielle. Blessings to you in 2010.