Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jackson Meet Santa

Santa visited our house alittle early this year. No really, its just Craig. We had the Youth Workers Christmas Party at our house, and of course Santa had to be there to hand out candy canes when they arrived.

We knew that we were taking Jackson to Gaillardia on Sunday to take pictures with the "real" Santa, so we thought it was a good idea to let him meet Santa at home with Santa talking like his daddy.

He wasnt QUITE sure what to think. So I got some major snuggle time. But we ended up getting a couple of cute pictures! :)So, Sunday after church, we headed out to Gaillardia to meet Jackson. My awesome future sister in law, invited us out there. They have Santa every year for the family's who are members. It was so nice because we didnt have to stand in line. And he was a REALLY good Santa.

Jackson did really well. I think he might be too young to be scared. Reese had another cousin (or some relation, cant remember) who was 17 months and he was scared. I think it will be interesting to see how Jackson does next year. But for this year, he was very intrigued by who Santa was, and why he looked the way he did.

Jackson did tell Santa, that the only thing he wants this year for Christmas is for his mommy and daddy's house to sell in Hot Springs. And a rocking horse. :) Jackson + Santa = BFF


HG said...

SOOOOOOOO Adorable!! I love his grin with Santa Craig!

mgoff said...

I am so impressed that he wasn't scared!

Julie said...

Craig makes a good santa! And I think I kind of like the picture of he and Jackson better. Cute!!

Dara Steward said...

Super cute and great idea to desensitize him to Santa. Looks like it worked! I love the boys pajama picture... so fun!