Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jackson's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday was Jackson's Baby Dedication at FBC Newcastle. Although it was an inconvenient day for my family (my parents were on a cruise, and Reese had to take her parents to the airport to get to Italy), it was still a special day! My brother was able to come! Craig and I really appreciated that he made the effort to come.

In the Baptist church, they have baby dedications. In no way, does it "save" the baby, or gaurantee their salvation. It is more a time, where parents commit to raising our babies like Christ calls us to.

Jackson received a certificate stating the day that he was dedicated. He also received a letter from our childrens minister that we are to give to him, the day that he accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

They showed a picture of Jackson on the big screen at church, while he was given his certificate. After the prayer, as we were standing on stage, fixing to go back to our seats, he grabbed my hair with both of his hands and yanked my head sideways. It was really funny!

It was such a crazy day, that we forgot to take a family picture. I am sad, but Ward did get some great pictures of Jackson before he headed to church!

He also took a video that morning, that is in the blog below this one! :)

After we had a yummy Newcastle Mazzios lunch, I headed off to a baby shower, and Ward and Craig fed Jackson. He really does love his food.. he was just super tired!!!

It was a full day in the Smith household!