Saturday, August 22, 2009

SIX months old!

My baby boy turned six months old yesterday! I can not even believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant. As much as I enjoyed being pregnant and feeling my little guy kicking around, I love watching him kick around the living room even more!

My future sister in law, Reese, came over and took his six month pictures yesterday. I think he may be cutting his second tooth, so he is just a bit moody. So he had to take a nap in the middle of taking his pictures. Thanks Reese for being so patient with us!

She did SUCH a great job! I have so many good ones to choose from, but I am only going to share a fewish here!! I mean really, is he not the cutest baby EVER!
We wanted to get him with the verse on his wall.. but with all the slats in his crib, it made it difficult! I love this one! He looks like such a big boy!
Sweet boy was getting tired!
I love this face! We wanted to get Jackson sitting in the rocking chair that his great grandfather made a long time ago. But every time we would have him sit down, he would get mad. So he is standing instead! But still precious memories.
I love his facial expressions in these. He can look so concerned sometimes! Ha! Thank you Aunt Leslie for the super cute shirt! Standing like a big boy!
Such a happy happy baby boy!
I love the leg pictures that I have seen! I know Jackson is a bit small for this picture now, but I figured we could do this pose every time we take his pictures and we can see how he grows!
Aaahh... so cute! I love this picture. Arent his initals cute? My good friends from high school, Stacy and Carrie gave Jackson these at his shower! This was hysterical! I am that over protective mother... Jackson is SUPER white. I mean like white white. So, I have been afraid for him to be outside too much this summer, even if he has his head covered and sunscreen on. Well his Aunt Amy and Uncle Kurt gave him this SUPER cute bathing suit and hat. So I wanted him to take pictures in it! We took his bath tub outside and he was sooo confused. He is used to taking a bath, but not with clothes on.. he kept touching his bathing suit and looking at us! But I think he really loved it. We are going to do this more often, even if we hang out on our back porch so we are hidden from the sun!!!

Thanks Reese! You did a great job! We sure do love our precious little boy!


Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! More please! ~Amy B.

reeseann said...

hahahaha i laugh every time i look at those bathtub pictures, that was SO funny!!! we should have videotaped it at the same time haha. love you, glad you like the pictures :)

mgoff said...

I can't believe he is six months old! What cute pictures. Reese really does a great job!

The Firestone's said...

These are great!! My gosh, they are growing so fast!!