Sunday, March 23, 2008

Two Homes... For Now

Have you ever felt like you had two homes? Maybe two places that you wanted to be. Maybe a place that has always been home, but another place where you know its where home is going to be...

Yea, thats how I feel. Oklahoma, my home. Arkansas, my going to be home. I was talking to my good friend, Stacy today and was explaining it to her. I love Oklahoma, I never thought that I was going to leave. Not that I was against moving, but I just enjoy Oklahoma and never had a reason to really want to leave. Until I re-met Craig, and fell in love with him, with Hot Springs, and with his church... and now I am moving. And am I ever ready to be married to him.

I am tired of having to drive 6 hours to see him. I am tired of having to have a chaperone stay with us in our own house (although the extra company is great!), or Craig having to leave to go stay at Trey's. I just want him there. I am tired of Sunday afternoons driving back to Oklahoma, instead of spending that quality time with him. It is just time.

I love Oklahoma. I love that I am so close to all my family (really close, now that I live with them). I love that I get to see my friends often. And I am REALLY REALLY going to miss all of them. Craig jokes that I think that my friends bleed gold and that noone else could possibly compare to them. But, really, he's right. I have been blessed with the most incredibly frienships ever. And although, I know that God is going to put different friendships in my path in Hot Springs, there wont be any that will be able to replace these girls.

However, it has come to the point, where I really feel like I need to be in Hot Springs. Not in Oklahoma. (Thats a good thing, since thats how it will be in less that a month). When I go,
I want to stay. When I leave, I dont want to go.

But the good news is, the wedding is less than a month away. Then I will be Mrs. Smith, and my home will be Hot Springs, and Oklahoma City will be a GREAT place to visit!


Allie Parker said...

ahhh, i can remember those feelings of just wanting to be married and moved into our home! its so exciting that your wedding is so close!

Craig said...

I never said you're friends bleed gold. I don't even know that that means.

I think I said you think your friends poop gold.