Monday, December 17, 2007

Poor Raley

Raley, my precious puppy, had another seizure this weekend. Its his second one ever. And I am still assuming it was a seizure... we were sleeping. And something woke me up and I knew something was wrong with him, he was completely stiff in my arms. I got out of bed and turned on the light. He was completely stiff. His front arms in front of him and his back legs underneath him. And he wasn't blinking. I kept asking him to please blink. I was freaking out. I remembered my friend Stacy, who also has a yorkie, told me that sometimes they have seizures because their blood sugar gets low. So I went and got some honey and put it on his tongue and in what seemed like eternity, he was able to stand up and he threw up the honey (and some food) and he was able to move again. My poor baby was so scared, and so was I. I just really didnt even know what to do. Good thing, my parents were close at a Christmas play at OCU so they were able to come over. Of course, by the time they were able to get there, he was fine and wanting to play! Thats the good news.. he is much better! Just scary for a few moments that seemed like eternity.


Shara said...

Oh, poor Raley! I had a dog growing up who had seizures, and yes, that's exactly what they're like. It's terrible to watch them, knowing all along how helpless you are. :( Maybe he won't have another one ever again!